Enfield FC
Enfield FC

Date History


1912      Founder member of Athenian League
1919      Did not re-join Athenian League after the War
1921-22   Rejoined Athenian League
1934-35   Athenian League runner-up
1939-40   Athenian League abandoned on outbreak of war
1961-62   Athenian League Champions
1962-63   Athenian League Champions (2nd time)
1963-64   Joined Isthmian League
          F.A. Amateur Cup runner-up
1964-65   Isthmian League runner-up after losing Championship play-off against Hendon
1966-67   F.A. Amateur Cup Winners
1967-68   Isthmian League Champions
1968-69   Isthmian League Champions (2nd time)
1969-70   Isthmian League Champions (3rd time, successively)
          F.A. Amateur Cup Winners (2nd time)
1971-72   Isthmian League runner-up
          F.A. Amateur Cup runner-up
1974-75   Isthmian League runner-up (lost title on goal average)
1975-76   Isthmian League Champions (4th time)
          F.A. Trophy semi-finalists
1976-77   Isthmian League Champions (5th time)
1977-78   Division One re-named Premier Division
          Isthmian League Champions (6th time)
1979-80   Isthmian League Champions (7th time)
1980-81   Isthmian League runner-up
          4th Round FA Cup Barnsley 1-1
          4th Round Replay White Hart Lane 
          Enfield 0-3 Barnsley
1981-82   Joined Alliance Premier League
          Alliance Premier League runner-up
          F.A. Trophy Winners
1982-83   Alliance Premier League Champions
1984-85   F.A. Trophy semi-finalists
1985-86   Alliance Premier League Champions (2nd time)
          F.A. Trophy semi-finalists
1986-87   Alliance Premier League renamed Conference
1987-88   F.A. Trophy Winners (2nd time) 
1990-91   Rejoined Isthmian League
          Isthmian League runner-up
1991-92   Isthmian League runner-up
1993-94   Isthmian League runner-up
          F.A. Trophy semi-finalists
1994-95   Isthmian League Champions (8th time)
1995-96   Isthmian League runner-up (lost title on 1 goal difference)
1996-97   Isthmian League runner-up
2003      Relegated to Isthmian Division One North
2004      Relegated to Isthmian Division Two
2004-05   Isthmian League Division Two runner-up
2005-06   Joined Southern League Eastern Division
2006-07   Re-Joined Isthmian League

2007-08   Renamed as Enfield 1893 
          Resigned from Isthmian League 
          Joined Essex Senior League
          Essex Senior League Runners up 
          (lost title on 1 goal difference)
2008-09   Essex Senior League Runners up, 
          Gordon Brasted Trophy finalists
2009-10   Essex Senior forth place
2010-11   Moved back to the borough after 11 years away 
          Essex senior League Champions, 
          Essex Senior League Cup runners up
2011/12   Essex Senior League seventh place
          FA Vase 4th round